ProExtender Penis Extender Enlargement Device

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The Best Penis Extender Device in India for Penis Enlargement & Curvature Straightening (Penile Curvature).



ProExtender offered by MyNoveltyShop is the original USA product now available in India. It is clinically tested and tried by millions for the most optimized penis enlargement results. ProExtender is scientifically devised to give critical traction to the penis to obtain best and fast result. Our product comes with a full 1-year warranty and guaranteed the best price for an equivalent model. ProExtender is recommended by doctors and urologists all over the world for people desiring to increase penis length and thickness.

This product is also used to overcome premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, curved penis (Peyronie’s condition) in men. Now is the opportunity for you to buy original ProExtender in India.

Features of Penis Extender:

1- 1 to 3 inches increment in penis length.

2- Increase Penis Girth (thickness) up to 35%.

3) Permanent results.

4) Improves the quality of penile erectile.

5) Used to cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

6) Correct Penile Curvature and Bent Penis

7) Used by men of all ages.

8) Comfortable to use at work, home, office and also while sleeping.

9) Enhance Sexual Stamina and Performance.

9) Boost Male Confidence.

10) 1 year warranty.

ProExtender Penis Enlargement System, this medical miracle is now available to consumers directly in India!

ProExtender is useful for Men who suffer from:

Lack of Desired Penis Length.
Lack of Desired Penis Girth.
A Crooked/Bent Penis.

ProExtender has been clinically approved for extending the penis length and girth without penis surgery.

Quick Facts:

ProExtender is recommended by Physicians and Urologists worldwide.
Tens of thousand men have gained inches using ProExtender System.

How does it work?

ProExtender is designed to provide gentle and non-harmful painless traction to the penis. The device fastens around the head (corona glans), the device has a fully adjustable traction of 900, 1200 and 1500 in between. When the ProExtender exerts a longitudinal force on the penis, the cells in the penis tissue expand due to which your penile size increases gradually making it longer and bigger.

Is ProExtender Successful?

Proextender has been in the market for over 15 years which is now available in India. The results reported by committed users have seen an increment in penis length as well as girth. The results are overwhelming! Proextender is an excellent solution for anyone who is looking to enlarge the penis size, proextender system is definitely worth the buy. Order proextender now!


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